MCGREGOR RANGE, N.M. - Forty-four Soldiers from the 1138th Transportation Company, Missouri Army National Guard, received combatives training from the 2nd Bn., 361st Combat Support Regt., "Coyote," 5th Armored Brigade, to learn survival skills when combatives is required to defeat an opponent or enemy here May 12. "We teach the joint war fighter combative techniques that they can use in combat and in their personal protective equipment with weapons versus training for combatives in a competition style techniques," said Sgt. Kevin Wright, a Combatives Level III certified trainer with the "Coyote" Battalion. The combatives instructors of "Coyote" offer tough, realistic hands-on training that trains joint war fighters on how to gain dominant body position, execute combative fundamentals, and how to finish the fight. "This was good refresher training before deployment and liked how it incorporated combat scenarios," said Sgt. Paul New of the 1138th TC, from St. Louis, Mo. who is combatives level I certified. Instruction on conducting weapon strikes against their opponents allows Soldiers to execute takedowns without committing themselves to the ground, therefore allowing them more flexibility in their plan of attack. Spc. Dwayne Ellis of the 1138th TC thought that this training was "better than basic training" because it incorporated the weapon strikes, individual body armor and helmet, and some weapons retention moves. Providing the joint war fighter a basic level of combatives training equips them with the skills necessary to win the fight and defeat their opponents. Giving them the confidence in their own skills and abilities to overcome an escalating situation gives the Soldiers another means to overpower and overcome their enemies.