CONTINGENCY OPERATING BASE ADDER, Iraq - Many of Contingency Operating Base Adder's resources arrive by shipment from the U.S., however, water is one of only a handful of resources collected locally.

Every week, Soldiers with G Forward Support Company, Task Force 2nd Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery Regiment, 3rd Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division hit the road to provide critical services in support of COB Adder and Operation New Dawn.

One of these services include providing fuel for and maintaining the generators that provide water to the base.

On May 14, the "Gunfighters" provided a replacement generator for one of the pumps to Sheikh Mahmoud, who oversees the operation of the pump.

There are three pumps that provide water to COB Adder: two pump directly from the Euphrates River to a series of canals and one pumps water from the canals to COB Adder.

Everyone uses this water for drinking, cooking at the dining facilities, showers and even flushing the toilets.

Generators power these pumps, and local sheikhs contracted by the Iraqi Security Forces oversee the daily operation of the pumps, generators and water canals.

On the day of the replacement, Iraqi Police escorted troops to the pump site where the maintenance platoon and distribution platoon worked together to replace the old generator with the new one.

While they were there, the Soldiers socialized with locals (particularly the children who came to watch the exchange of generators) who live near the pumps.

This provided a great opportunity to build a relationship between the community and the GREYWOLF Brigade at the grass-roots level.

"The kids are really comfortable with us; coming up and talking to us. It felt great to see the kids smiling, playing and having a good time." said Spc. Tarik Milner from Atlanta, Ga.