Fort Gordon continues to make progress in its efforts to "go green" as five new hybrid vehicles went into service earlier this week.

"Three years ago, 28 percent of our fleet was alternative vehicles. Two years ago, we were at 29 percent, and last year, we went to 35 percent. We are headed in the right direction," said Ron Price, chief of the transportation division of Directorate of Logistics.

When vehicles reach a certain age and odometer reading, they are removed from service and replaced with more fuel efficient ones. In addition to hybrid vehicles which use a combination of fuel and electricity, there are several electric vehicles and vehicles which use mainly ethanol or bio-diesel fuels, said Price.

In April 2010, Fort Gordon added 15 new low speed electric vehicles to its fleet. Unlike these vehicles which can only be used on the installation, the hybrids can be used off-post.
"Our goal is to go green and reduce fuel consumption by two percent per year," he said.
These cleaner burning vehicles not only help in achieving that goal, but they help save money associated with the rising fuel costs and are better for the environment because of lower fuel-related emissions.

Next spring, Price anticipates a new lot of cleaner-burning vehicles to further achieve that goal of green.