It's not every day that eating dessert gets you into the record books, but for some Fort Irwin spouses, making history was as easy as pie - or cookies, in their case.

A group of about a dozen spouses of National Training Center and Fort Irwin Soldiers participated in the Barstow Tanger Outlet Center's attempt to break the world record for largest dessert party May 12. Participants at each of the 34 Tanger locations around the country, as well as at Tanger's corporate office and at the New York Stock Exchange, ate dessert at the same time in an effort to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records. With more than 20,000 people turning out for the nationwide party, including 265 at the Barstow location, they succeeded.

Bite-sized cookies and brownies were the featured desserts at Tanger's Barstow outlet. To help Tanger meet Guinness' stringent record-breaking guidelines, nine spouses volunteered as observers, making sure guests ate all of their dessert.

"It's been fun," said Rena Stephens, a Fort Irwin spouse who observed the record breakers. "I think it's awesome we were able to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records."

Neasha Edbo said taking part in the dessert party was a nice change of pace from daily activities at Fort Irwin.

"It's been an adventure," she said.

The history-making dessert party was part of Tanger's celebration of its 30th year in business.

"We really appreciate Fort Irwin's support," said Jennifer Rodriguez, general manager of the Barstow Tanger location. "We're definitely glad to have the spouses here.

"One of my goals is to have a relationship with Fort Irwin. Every time I go out there, I come back energized by the unity and energy of the spouses."