FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas -- First-time expectant mothers are counting down the days to the birth of their babies with a little less anxiety, thanks to the parenting tips of Dr. Harvey Karp.The doctor shared his successful parenthood strategies with expectant moms and dads who crowded into the Roadrunner Community Center Auditorium on Friday, May 13.Karp is the assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Southern California School of Medicine and has authored two books on parenthood.Staff Sgt. Cortney Christiansen took notes and watched the videos Karp presented, in hopes of being completely ready for the birth of her child in June."I was really surprised by the videos he presented and how fast his techniques worked to calm the babies," Christiansen said.Karp taught Christiansen and the other expectant parents the "Five S's" - his secret to calming a crying baby - and a strategy he says is critical during the first four months of life. They include swaddling, side position, swinging, shushing and sucking."The baby is not prepared at birth to live outside the body, so parents have to mimic the womb," Karp said. "Your job is to walk and feed them all the time and babies do not get spoiled by that.In fact, it is quite the opposite, it builds a relationship of confidence that lasts a lifetime."Among those taking in Karp's advice were Staff Sgt. Justin Rivera and his wife, Stephanie, who are expecting their first baby in August."I really feel more confident about having a new baby after watching Dr. Karp's videos and listening to his presentation," Rivera said. "It was really helpful."Karp offered two presentations, one focusing on infants and a second one on toddlers.