DAEGU, South Korea -- The Camp Walker Daegu Mountain Inn Dining Facility opened April 28 serving meals to Soldiers from Camp Walker and Camp Henry.
The DFAC on Camp Walker closed down Dec. 27, 2010, to be renovated as the new Daegu American High School cafeteria. The new Daegu Mountain Inn Dining Facility is located next to the Camp Walker gas station.
The previous DFAC seated approximately 75 people, whereas the newly constructed DFAC has the ability to seat up to 100 people.
The Daegu Mountain Inn Dining Facility, equipped with new furniture, cooking equipment and tableware, is manned by 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command Soldiers.
During the four months Camp Walker was without a DFAC, the Henry Grill Dining Facility on Camp Henry served all Daegu Soldiers. In order to promote efficient service, additional bus routes ran, transporting Soldiers working on Camp Walker back and forth during meal times to the consolidated DFAC.
"By operating the dining facility on Camp Walker, the Army will be able to save time and money," said Master Sgt. Lisa Howard, 19th ESC G-4 Food Service advisor. "Since Soldiers do not have to go back and forth between Camp Henry and Camp Walker to eat, they will save at least 30 minutes of their time every meal."
Soldiers on Camp Henry and Camp Walker can dine at whichever DFAC is closer to their location. They no longer have to wait in long lines at the consolidated DFAC nor wait for the mess run buses.
"We were running mess run buses every 15 minutes during meal hours. By cutting down on these buses, the Army will save operating costs," Howard said.
"I work on and live on Camp Walker. Before the Daegu Mountain Inn opened, I had to go to Camp Henry to eat," said Pfc. Hong Sung-wook, American Forces Network-Korea Daegu Detachment. "It was especially difficult on weekends. Now I save so much time each meal."
The newly opened DFAC features a variety of venues, ranging from Korean cuisines, to American food and snacks. The Daegu Mountain Inn offers special meals every Thursday after sergeant's time training for lunch and dinner.
"Our Soldiers gained a lot of experience with the Walker DFAC closed," Howard said. "We look forward to using that valuable experience to further improve our services in both DFACs."