U.S. Army South and Peacekeeping Operations - AmericasWhat is it'Peacekeeping Operations-Americas (PKO-A) is the Army's primary peacekeeping training event in the Central and South American region. The exercise provides a forum for militaries of the region, civilian agencies, non-governmental organizations and inter-governmental organizations to build valuable professional relationships, promote alliances and regional relations, and reinforce security cooperation through professional development engagements, junior and senior leadership seminars, a battalion staff exercise and a capstone Command Post Exercise (CPX).This year, Brazil is hosting the capstone CPX and will incorporate the valuable training lessons from other PKO-A events that recently transpired in Brazil, Chile, and El Salvador. The overall objective of PKO-Americas is to promote peace and stability throughout Central and South America through mutual understanding, partnership and cooperation.What has the Army done'U.S. Army South has participated in this annual event for more than two decades, promoting security cooperation throughout the region, supporting the development of rule of law based security activities and promoting human rights. As a leading participant, U.S. Army South provides essential resources ensuring the exercise successfully prepares the participants for peacekeeping operations in the region and world-wide. This exercise has been instrumental in strengthening professional relationships and collaboration between the respective militaries.What efforts does the Army have planned for the future'U.S. Army South will continue participating in the CPX and promoting the rule of law and human rights during peacekeeping operations. This participation fortifies the framework for collaborative solutions to complex concerns that affect every country in the western hemisphere region.Why is this important to the Army'The U.S. Army's capabilities in the region and elsewhere are greatly influenced by the relationships forged with partner nation militaries and regional organizations such as Conference of American Armies (CAA) and Conference of Central American Armed Forces (CFAC). Partner militaries in the region have assisted in peacekeeping operations throughout the region and worldwide. U.S. Army South facilitated this international capability through strengthening our relationships with the militaries from Central and South America and the capacity of our partner nations will have lasting effects on the peace and stability of the region.Resource:<a href=" http://www.usarso.army.mil/" target="_blank">U.S Army South</a>