MIDDLETOWN, Iowa -- National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency analysts visited the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant on March 24.

The NGA visitors were: Joe Thomas, Michael White, Tara Callahan, Dwight Johnson, Kris Sherman, and Barry McClure. U.S. Army Joint Munitions Command foreign intelligence officer William McGrath also attended.

According to their website, NGA is a member of the Department of Defense and intelligence communities. The agency provides timely, relevant and accurate geospatial intelligence support for global world events, disasters and military actions.

This was the first time some of the NGA analysts toured an army ammunition plant. The visitors were interested in learning about missile warhead production, ammunition production, building types, the production flow of raw materials, press explosives, and ammunition production timelines.

Aca,!A"I was fascinated with the efficiencies in place at IAAAP. As someone unfamiliar with the current manufacturing environment in the U.S., it was amazing to see how closely the factories can monitor tolerances in ammunition, while maintaining such a high productivity,Aca,!A? said McGrath.

The one-day visit to IAAAP gave visitors the opportunity to see firsthand on how an ammunition plant operates and learn about possible threats and vulnerabilities to the installation.

Aca,!A"As the foreign intelligence officer for JMC it is my responsibility to identify ways that the threat can affect IAAAP and JMC as a whole,Aca,!A? McGrath said.

Visitors received an installation briefing from IAAAP Civilian Executive Assistant Jim Nelson highlighting the plantAca,!a,,cs ammunition production capabilities.

Iowa contractor and government personnel escorted the visitors on a tour of the 40 mm grenade production.

The 40 mm production line is significant because American Ordnance the contracting operator of IAAAP invested in the installation of the 40 mm equipment to improve production capabilities.

In addition, visitors were given a tour of the warhead production line. IAAAP presses missile warheads for programs including Excalibur, Javelin, Sidewinder, and also has expertise and capability to press bonded explosive in multiple configurations for other Department of Defense organizations and prime contractors.

As the tour concluded, the visitors thanked the Iowa AAP contractor and government personnel for their informative tour of Iowa Army Ammunition Plant.