***Please continue to monitor Redstone Arsenal's website for information regarding openings on May 3:

Redstone Arsenal remains closed Monday, May 2 due to the power outage caused by severe storms earlier this week in Alabama. USASAC mission essential capabilities continue at Redstone Arsenal at the new headquarters building. Other USASAC field offices outside the Redstone area remain fully operational.

USASAC's number one priority is to ensure employee and contractor safety and achieve accountability for everyone in the USASAC family. Any workforce members in need of help or who have not been contacted by supervisors are asked to call someone in their supervisory chain as soon as possible. Additional accountability contact numbers include 256-975-9501 or 703-589-0742.

Please continue to monitor all media outlets and the USASAC homepage for further information and/or clarification if possible. If you have questions contact the USASAC Command Information Office at 256-783-0981.

Additional updates can be found on the Team Redstone webpage at http://www.redstone.army.mil or through their information hotline (1-877-863-1462).