FORT SHAFTER, Hawaii -- The Installation Management Command, Pacific Region was selected as an Employer of Choice by the Honolulu-Pacific Federal Executive Board (FEB) during its 55th Annual Excellence in Federal Government Awards ceremony in downtown Honolulu, HI, April 21.

Although it is the second time the Pacific Region has been selected as an Employer of Choice; the first was in 2009, the recognition does not come easy as the Region must compete against more than 100 Federal agencies that employ over 48,000 civilians and 290,000 military personnel.

IMCOM Pacific Region employees gladly accepted the award, but they were not the only employees receiving the award for their agency; other federal agencies were also recognized as Employer of Choice.

The Honolulu-Pacific FEB recognized the IMCOM Pacific Region for its ability to create a working environment that promotes and provides employees with opportunities to develop their skills and talents. Highlighting the Region's Developmental Assignment and Mentorship programs as keys to the Region's ability to use its senior employee-level experience to mentor junior-level employees, which in-turn results in a high percentage of employee retention.

"The Region's leadership promotes a professional and caring environment, and my coworkers are very knowledgeable, dedicated and personable professionals who are more than willing to accept new ideas," said Brian Heidt, IMCOM Pacific Region Operations Officer, who was personally recognized during the FEB awards ceremony.

Along with recognizing many Federal agencies as Employer of Choice, the Honolulu-Pacific FEB also recognized individuals in seven different categories, who went the extra mile to improve their agency and themselves.

"We have all had to jump into the fray and work actions outside our functional lanes to support our organizational mission at one point or another," said Heidt, who was recognized in the category of Professional Administrative Technical for his development of training and exercise guidance as well as his implementation of a Region Developmental Assignment Program. "Honestly though, it could have been anyone of us this year. The experience here truly helps increase my breadth of knowledge and professionalism, while at the same time enables me to be part of a team that accomplishes the IMCOM Pacific mission."

Individuals were not only recognized in such categories as clerical, managers, administrative and trades and crafts, they were recognized for the difference they made to the communities outside their workplace.

"I have found our leadership to be very supportive in regard to community service initiatives, especially those helping Soldiers and their families," said Helen Gibson Ahn, who was recognized in the category of Exceptional Community Service.

"'Thank you for your Service' was an initiative that had our employees inviting Soldiers from the Warrior Transition Unit to dinner to thank them for their service. We also served a Thanksgiving meal to families at the Fisher House, donated hundreds of pounds of food to the Community Food Bank and adopted a stretch of highway near Fort Shafter which we clean-up on a regular basis," said Ahn.

More than 1,300 people from many Federal Agencies within the Honolulu-Pacific area attended the ceremony and dozens of them were recognized; however, the feather in the cap seemed to belong to the agencies that were recognized as Employer of Choice.

"The recognition speaks volumes about an agency. In one way or another, we will all achieve the mission to some extent but, to be recognized as a place where people truly want to work also says something about our employees' pride, attitude and desire to excel," said Debra D. Zedalis, IMCOM Pacific Region Director.

"We seek out motivated and talented employees and strive to make them better. If that is an agency you would like to be part of, join us," added Zedalis.