FORT STEWART, Ga. - Easter began with a bam! Children of all ages and sizes scrambled the fields of Bennett Sports Complex for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Fort Stewart, April 23. With Easter baskets filled with colorful eggs, the hunt marked the opening festivities for the Easter observance and Family Day.

Families, Civilians and all in between came out to celebrate the festivities. From performances to face painting, there was something for everyone to enjoy - even the shade from under a tree.
While children slid down the slides at the playground, others waited in the forming line for rock climbing. The tall wall featured three sides, giving visitors an opportunity to test their climbing skills. Once the top is reached, the climber rings the bell.

"My son, Joseph Klein, who is eight-years-old, climbed the wall," Anna Klein, Family Member who attended the Easter event, said. "He climbed the wall all the way to the top because he's a rock star."

Joseph, no newcomer to the world of rock climbing, has climbed before. When he reached the top, he rang the bell and slowly came back down as he was secured in a waist harness.
"The Easter event is awesome," Klein said. "I think it's a good way for everybody to come out, get together and have a good time. It's definitely something to do on post."

As the Saturday sun began to welcome a warm Georgia day, the sound of the ice cream melody played. Cold refreshments were available to those who wanted to cool down or to just simply enjoy the sweet taste of ice cream. Not too far off, free water was being given out to ensure guests kept hydrated.

With children jumping in bounce houses and running from one corner to the other, others chose a less high-energy activity in which to participate. Arts and crafts and face painting were offered at booths. Families sat-in watching the "Traveling Teacher Show," a performance for children, teaching them different ways to save the planet.

"A lot of people came to the event," Katherine Rivas, Family Member, said. "My sons got a lot of eggs. Many people went with their strollers to pick up eggs, it was kind of funny. The event is for the children, for them to have fun. So, it's been good."

Though the day was warming up and the sun began to beam, Families of the 3rd Infantry Division were determined to keep to the mission - family fun.

"My favorite part was just bringing my kids out," Klein said. "Just watching them have a good time."