KABUL - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded $15 million in contracts to local Afghan companies in support of the Afghan security forces, April 28.

Omran Holding Group, headquartered in Kabul was awarded an $11.8 million contract for the design, construction and renovation of the Pol-e-Charki Garrison Headquarters for the Afghan National Army in Kabul Province. The project will consists of renovating four single story barrack buildings, the construction and renovation of new administration and classroom buildings, a new motor pool, a helicopter pad, a weapons maintenance workshop and a new infantry battalion. The contract also includes the upgrading of all existing utilities. The headquarters site is intended to support 10,000 to 11,000 personnel.

The second contract is a joint venture award for $3 million to Omid Ma Construction Co. and Golden Bridge Construction Co. for the design and construction of an Afghan National Police uniformed police district headquarters facility located in the Paktika Province. The headquarters will consist of one female and one male barrack, a headquarters building, a criminal investigative directorate and a family response unit.

All the construction companies are located in Kabul.

Both projects are expected to take one year to complete.

The Corps of Engineers is the primary organization building army bases, police stations, roads, airstrips and other infrastructure projects in Afghanistan to increase the country's stability and economy. The Corps of Engineers has two districts in the country - Afghanistan Engineer District-North, which is based in Kabul; and Afghanistan Engineer District-South, which is based in Kandahar.