Army Regulation 525-29: Army Force GenerationWhat is it'In 2006, the Secretary of the Army approved Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) as the Army's core process for generating forces in support of combatant commanders and other Army requirements. ARFORGEN provides a continuous supply of forces to the warfighter, builds readiness and strategic depth, and sustains the all volunteer force.What has the Army done'The recent publication of Army Regulation 525-29 will institutionalize ARFORGEN as the Army's core mission process. This regulation includes roles, responsibilities, and Army policies for managing ARFORGEN which applies to all three Army components. In adopting ARFORGEN, the Army created the ability to sustain a continuous flow of forces that produces capabilities to meet operational missions and support strategic plans. The Army continues to adapt and improve institutional processes to meet operational requirements more effectively and efficiently.What efforts does the Army plan to continue in the future'Beginning in FY12, the Army will transition to a supply-based force generation process and will produce a mission force consisting of one corps headquarters, five division headquarters, 20 brigade combat teams (BCTs), and about 90,000 Soldiers assigned to combat support units. The Army's short-term goal is to ensure that active component (AC) Soldiers are home for at least two years for every year deployed while reserve component (RC) Soldiers are home at least four years for every year deployed.Why is this important to the Army'To fulfill our vital role as the nation's strategic asset for land dominance, the Army must sustain its efforts to restore balance and set conditions for the future. ARFORGEN is the most effective method for providing trained and ready forces to meet operational demands in today's strategic environment. It also ensures that every unit is the best trained, manned and equipped force for commanders' requirements, as well as improving predictability for units, employers, Soldiers and families across America.Resource:<a href=" " target="_blank"> Army Regulation 525-29 : The ARFORGEN regulation </a>