When you hear Belinda Gemme discuss the strength of the employees working in her resource management directorate, it's evident that she has faith in each of them and the way they work together as a unit.

Gemme is the new Army Contracting Command deputy chief of staff, Resource Management (G8). She transferred to Redstone Arsenal from Fort Belvoir, Va., where she served as the assistant deputy chief of staff, Resource Management (G8). Upon her arrival at Redstone Arsenal in July 2010 she became the senior lead for ACC's Resource Management (G-8) Forward.

"Without exception, everyone has pulled together to cover whatever needs to be done. It truly has been a team effort," said Gemme as her team continues to transition from Fort Belvoir.

Gemme is the second deputy chief of staff, G8, at ACC. Her predecessor, Dwayne Griese, was with the command from its inception. Griese is now the Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems' resource management division chief.

"The ACC is a tremendous place to work and I am so proud to have had the opportunity to make a difference in what we do for our Soldiers," Griese said. "The journey forward will be challenging as well but the tremendous progress in the ACC since standup is certain to continue over the coming years. I will certainly miss working with all of you and being a part of this great organization."

Gemme takes control of the resource management office at an interesting time in the command, as many of the positions are settling into their new home at Redstone and others are still transitioning.

"Our transition to Redstone has gone smoother than I believe any of us imagined," Gemme said. "While we regret that we could not bring our G8 family fully intact, we have a good mix of transitioning employees and new team members."

The resource management office has 13 of its 28 positions already on board here, with another three arriving in April. The remaining positions will be filled from a mix of transferring personnel and new hires.

In hiring new team members, Gemme said that as a new command, ACC has the advantage of being able to search for those with a depth of experience. Besides current employees, she said ACC has also been able to bring in employees from the program executive offices and the garrison side-all of which leads to a mix of perspective that works for their team.

"With transferring personnel providing continuity, and the opportunity to recruit personnel with other experiences and perspectives, we are well on our way to building a strong team."

One of the ways Gemme plans to continue to strengthen her directorate is by cross-training people within divisions, so that in the future employees will have the opportunity to expand their functional experience.

"I would like to implement a 'job swap' across the divisions...to help employees become truly multi-functional financial analysts," she explained.

For now, Gemme is preparing for the fiscal year 2012 resource summit, presented to the Army Material Command commanding general in June. This summit allows the resource management officer the opportunity to identify, articulate, and defend resource requirements for the command, which falls in line with the office's mission and goals.

Gemme herself is enjoying not only her new role and the teamwork of her office, but also her new lifestyle in Huntsville. A gardener and golfer, the easy pace, lack of traffic, and Southern hospitality have all been refreshing for her and her retired husband.

"It has been great to come to Huntsville. It has been great to have most of our division chiefs come down as well, all with such different personalities that mesh together to create a great environment," Gemme said. "I'm delighted with the quality of personnel we have been able to recruit too. It's just a really strong team."