FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. - On a cold Missouri morning in October 2008, Col. Robert Risberg, the 4th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade commander [2008-2010], stood with a hundreds of Soldiers as they unfurled the brigade colors for the very first time, recalls Col. Fred Erst, the deputy garrison commander for transformation on Fort Sill.

"Both of our engineer battalions were deployed at the time," he said. "With the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence as the lead proponent for the ceremony, the 4th MEB stood up to provide both command and control to the Forces Command units on post," he said.

The 4th MEB is one of the maneuver brigades within the 1st Infantry Division and currently has more than five units deployed in support of combat operations.

Soldiers from the 4th MEB that are not currently deployed spend the majority of their time training on basic Army skills as well as advanced individual training specific to their Military Occupational Specialty in order to prepare for future deployments.

In celebration of the brigade's inauguration and overall hard work, the command staff created a week's worth of sport events and activities designed to boost unit cohesion, enhance spirit de corps and improve morale for Dauntless Soldiers and their families.

The week began Monday with a brigade 'fun run' followed by a team-based obstacle course. Sports activities are scheduled throughout the week and include softball, volleyball, basketball, flag football, miniature golf and a trap shoot tournament. Teams will earn individual and battalion points for participation and winning each event. Winners will receive various prizes including the Dauntless Shield, Most Valuable Player award and much more.

"Dauntless week is about celebrating the winning spirit of the American Soldier," said Col. Frank Y. Rangel Jr., the 4th MEB commander. "Our colorful history is filled with examples of troopers doing incredible things in the hardest of circumstances."

"And while our 'fields of battle' for this week may be an obstacle course or a run route," he added, "the idea is the same: Test your mettle against a worthy opponent to determine the best of the best."

Culmination of Dauntless Week will be held at Nutter Field House Thursday evening during the Dauntless Ball.