REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. - Security Assistance Command employees are one step away from completing their BRAC 2005 relocation as they prepare to move into a new headquarters facility on Martin Road. The Garrison took possession of the joint buildings, shared by Army Materiel Command and USASAC, from the contractor March 15.

Tours for USASAC employees began April 12 and will continue throughout the month. The hour-long tour is designed to familiarize the work force with their new building and present general safety guidance prior to their move scheduled for early May. The intent of these tours is to reduce potential problems during the transition from the employee\'s old work station to their new work area.

Allen Moore, a contractor with Sigmatech Inc. supporting the USASAC G3/5 office, is responsible for scheduling employee tours and coordinating the work force's subsequent moves in May.

"Ultimately, by offering tours beforehand we hope to have a seamless transition with no loss of support to our international partners and combatant commands," he said.

The tour provides a chance for employees to see their work station, have their laptop mapped to printers and test the phone at their desk. It includes various stops throughout the three-story USASAC building offices such as business centers, conference rooms, protocol areas, break areas, wellness center, restrooms, team rooms, stairwells and the snack bar located in the building's lobby.

During the visit, employees' Common Access Cards are programmed for entry into the building and their particular work areas. They are also given a safety brief covering fire exits, severe weather precautions, first aid locations and other emergency procedures.

Jennifer Griffin, a University of Alabama-Huntsville SWAP contractor working with USASAC's CENTCOM team, said after her tour that she is looking forward to features that aren't available at USASAC's temporary offices on Cardinal Road.

"I think my favorite features of the new building are the wellness center and cafAfA," she said. "Those will be very convenient to have on-site and will be wonderful additions."

After employees have had an opportunity to visit the new building, movement will occur in phases over three weeks in May. A moving company will transport the employees' work area items to their new work station prior to their arrival. A ribbon-cutting ceremony for both the AMC and USASAC buildings will occur in June.