The 2011 Joint Services Power ExpoWhat is it'The Joint Services Power Expo brings together warfighters, decision-makers and technical experts from across the Joint Services and other government agencies, so they may interact with experts from industry and academia to identify current solutions and to develop short-term solutions for the warfighter's portable power needs.What has the Army done'This bi-annual event rotates among the services. The Army, which hosted the inaugural expo 14 years ago, will be hosting this year's event May 2-5 at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. This year's theme, "Smaller, Better, Greener - Reducing the Energy Footprint,"</I> focuses on tactical power and energy generation.The workshops will address the latest developments in batteries, generators, fuel cells, micro-grids, renewable energy, hybrid systems, on-board vehicle power, garrison energy, power for remote locations and others.Warfighters may provide feedback to and interact with scientists, engineers and key government officials - all of whom are working to develop and field power solutions that best support mission needs. What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future'The Army understands that duty will prevent many Soldiers from attending and providing their valuable input in person. Therefore, engineers from the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command's communications-electronics center (CERDEC) will leverage milBook to generate dialogue with Soldiers and gather feedback regarding power needs.The "Power Source Feedback" user group will allow warfighters with a milBook account to share frank observations and recommendations directly with the Army Power R&D community - before, during and after the expo. This feedback will then be assessed and incorporated.Why is this important to the Army'Not only does this effort support the Army's Renewable Energy Initiative and Operational Energy Strategy, it provides an opportunity for warfighters to directly affect change for near-term power solutions.Current or previously-deployed Soldiers of all rank are encouraged to provide feedback by either attending the conference or joining milBook to access the "Power Source Feedback" user group. Your input is essential: effective improvements cannot be made if there is no honest discussion.Resources:<a href="'view=overvie" target="_blank">Power Source Feedback </a><a href="" target="_blank">Joint Services Power Expo</a><a href="" target="_blank">CERDEC Army Power</a><a href="" target="_blank">U.S. Army Research, Development & Engineering Command</a>