FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kan. (April 14, 2011) -A,A Gen. Chhatra Man Singh Gurung, chief of staff of the Nepalese army, joined the ranks of an elite group of people in Fort Leavenworth's International Hall of Fame April 7.

The International Hall of Fame honors international graduates from the Command and General Staff College who have gone on to success. Some lead their nation's military. Others have become heads of state. Their portraits hang on the third floor of the Lewis and Clark Center.

Gurung graduated CGSC as an international student in 1986. He's had many command and staff responsibilities since that time, including director of research and development, director of military training, quartermaster general and chief of staff of the Nepalese army.

Gurung also studied at the National Defense University in China.

Gurung served as operations staff officer, chief military personnel officer, and chief of staff in United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon. He's also served as the attachAfA of Nepal for France and the United Kingdom.

Lt. Gen. Robert L. Caslen Jr., commandant of the Command and General Staff College, said International Hall of Fame inductions represent the fruits of the international partnerships built at the college. International students become part of a small U.S. staff group of 16 students, giving them the opportunity to exchange ideas and form strong bonds.

"As we collectively embark into the 21st century, where the world continues to face a myriad of threats, multinational operations have become the norm rather than the exception," Caslen said. "Whether we are confronting the threat of violent extremist movements, responding to natural disasters or saving lives in failed nation states, the need for strategic partnerships has never been more important."

Gurung thanked Fort Leavenworth officials for honoring him. He remembered his time at CGSC fondly. He recognized his wife and children, who accompanied him while he attended CGSC, and also thanked his U.S. and Fort Leavenworth sponsors for helping him get acquainted with the community.

"We found this world very different, quite different ... than back home, in terms of the values, ethics, and family and way of life," he said.

Gurung said instructors at CGSC were excellent and helped him understand the subject matter. He said during his time at CGSC, he benefited from having sister service and other international officers learning alongside him.

"It has been a great honor to be inducted into this IHOF this morning," he said.