FORT STEWART, Ga. - Family Members graduated from the first resiliency training class offered at Fort Stewart. The Family Members went through 28.5 hours of training and received a diploma in a ceremony held at Stewart, April 7.

"Resiliency training is getting skills or enhancing skills you already know so you can face life's challenges, get through life's challenges easier, more efficiently, more effectively and come out on the other side stronger than you were when you went in," said Becky Sellars, plans and operations specialist with Army Community Service.

She added one of the biggest challenges all of the class participants faced multiple deployments, including worrying about their deployed spouses and worrying about the situation at home.

"This is the best training we've seen from the Army in a long time," she added. "Because we're not just focusing on stress management or an anger management, were focusing on a whole list of problems. How do I do better with my children' How do I do better with my Family' How do I support my Soldier better' What skills do I need so that I can become more resilient so I can take care of not only myself but all of these other things. It's really a holistic approach."

One of the Family Members who attended the class felt the training was helpful for her and would be beneficial for her.

"The class helped me to handle stress and helped me out with life," said Stephanie Bonn, who is a native of Thailand. "After the class, I became a better person. I recommend every Soldier and Family Member take this class. I'm so proud of myself and my classmates. We made a good team and I am sure this class will help all of our lives."