TAKHTEH POL, Afghanistan -Afghan National Police stood proud and attentive while posting guard outside their newly renovated station in Takhteh Pol, as they awaited the start of a ribbon cutting ceremony, April 11.

The police station houses 45 ANP who are responsible for serving and protecting approximately 115 villages in the Takhteh Pol district.

Provincial Chief of Police, General Khan Mohammad Mujahid, Takhtah Pol, District Chief of Police, Gul Mohammad, and district governor, Fazel Mohammad, were among key leaders and International Security Assistance Forces who presided over the ceremony.

"The opening of this facility is a great occasion, said Gen. Mohammad Mujahid. "It is essential, in that it will provide more job opportunities in this district, as well as increase the morale of the ANP serving here. They can ultimately be closer to the people of the community."

After the ribbon cutting, the ANP served lunch to leaders and members of the Takhteh Pol community.

During lunch, Fazel Mohammad praised the joint efforts of the project. He added, in addition to the station's progress, there are still much needed improvements to help the district become more successful.

"We are very grateful for the facility, for the ANP and for the district government," Fazel Mohammad said.

Since the citizens of Takhteh Pol are lining up willing to join the auxiliary police, the ANP needs more equipment, said the district governor, who asked for more munitions and vehicles, as well as new job position openings.

With the district and development shura meetings that are held regularly here, Fazel Mohammad said there is positive coordination amongst the ISAF presence, referring to the Bravo Company, 4th Squadron, 70th Armored Regiment, 170th Infantry Brigade Combat Team and the ANP who occupy the compound.

"As people come here, they will see the ANP and ISAF continue to improve security," the general said. "It is a very good sight to see, and it's a great reflection upon ISAF's effort in helping develop the ANP and their quality of life."