CAMP ARIFJAN- The 494th Transportation Company (TC) has begun the process of handing over their heavy equipment transporter systems (HETS) to the other companies in the 718th Transportation Battalion. This is part of the 494th TC\'s redeployment back to Fort Campbell, Ky. The Soldiers of the 494th TC have been working hard to ensure the trucks will be in the best possible condition for their colleagues within the Battalion. The Soldiers have been conducting a 'by the book' Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) to identify minor faults to be fixed. Then these trucks will be sent to the 494th Maintenance Team for a more in-depth inspection before finally being transferred to the other units in the battalion.

HETs are initially identified for turnover by a tracker at the company level. These trucks are inspected using the assigned technical manual which outlines the PMCS process for the vehicle, including checking all the engine fluids, the status of the batteries, and the basic functioning of the engine itself. Using this manual, Soldiers are able to quickly discover and fix any minor issues that may arise before the truck is sent to maintenance. The Soldiers are also able to identify larger issues that require the Maintenance Team to fix.

Trucks sent to the Maintenance Team undergo a rigorous inspection of all the key systems. This inspection includes a detailed look at the inner workings of the engine and transmission. However, the mechanics on the maintenance team do not work on this alone. Operators will stay with the truck throughout its time in the maintenance shop. The mechanics will replace any worn out parts and return the truck to a fully mission ready status. At the end of this process, the vehicle is ready to be transferred to the next unit.

The last part of the process involves the receiving unit coming down to the 494th TC Motor Pool to complete their own inspection of the truck. They will inventory the basic issue items to ensure the truck has the proper amount of chains and binders to pick up a load during a mission. The unit will also complete their own PMCS of the truck to ensure that the truck is ready. The HET is then ready for the new unit to use for future missions. The process is cyclical as more trucks are identified and prepared for the new units.

So far, the 494th Transportation Company has turned in over half of the trucks on the property book. As a result, the unit is on schedule to meet the goal of having all of their trucks transferred to other companies by mid-April. While this process has been taking place, the 494th TC has also been retaining some trucks for missions assigned to them. Through hard work and dedication to mission success, the operators and mechanics are able to prep a designated for handover to another unit in as little as three days.