CAMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait - Members of Third Army's explosive ordnance disposal team partnered with Lebanon's Armed Forces Explosive Ordnance Disposal/Sapper personnel for a two-part information exchange, beginning Feb. 7.

The information exchange was held in two different countries over a ten-day period at Nellis Air Force Base, NV, Ft. Irwin, CA and in Beirut, Lebanon. The intent of the information exchange was to share tactics, techniques and procedures, lessons learned and post-blast forensics investigations to sustain improvements in regional security, safety and stability.

"For me, the professionalism and dedication demonstrated by the LAF EOD and Engineer Soldiers was the best part of the event," said Capt. Al Johnson, 319th EOD commander. "Everyone was highly competent and very involved in the training and exchanged their experiences to the US EOD Forces freely."

Participants in the information exchange received hands-on training with equipment demonstrations, robot systems and practical exercises. LAF EOD personnel took part in situational training exercises where they worked with U.S. EOD Soldiers to perform mounted patrols and identify possible improvised explosive devices.

An important event during the information exchange was for LAF EOD personnel to build mock IED's. Third Army EOD Soldiers then emplaced the devices in training lanes for the Lebanese Soldiers to review their tactics and procedures. The team then conducted post-blast investigations to determine the type of IED.

"The overall events were excellent," said Lt. Col. Frank Davis, Third Army EOD officer. "The Lebanon EOD Soldiers are very experienced and clearly get the principles of identifying and disposing of IED's."

Davis explained that EOD information exchanges and seminars enhance interoperability in Third Army's 20-country area of responsibility. The EOD exchanges have expanded the relationship between Third Army and the LAF EOD personnel.
This was the second and third EOD disposal information exchanges between these two groups with two more scheduled during this fiscal year.