FORT STEWART, Ga. - Although the day proved to be dreary outside, inside the doors of the Bryan Village Youth Center, adolescents and teenagers alike seemed to be enjoying themselves the first day of the Spring Break Fall-In, sponsored by Child Youth and School Services, March 28.
The fun-filled week allows the students to participate in physical fitness activities such as tug-of-war, and games such as protect the cone.

"We are going to be doing obstacle courses," said CYSS Director Gary Williams. "...we are going over to Jordan Gym and doing some of the Presidential challenges in weight lifting and learning about healthy eating habits."

The event was planned as an effort to give parents someplace to take their children during the week-long break from school. According to Williams, it gives the teens an opportunity in structured activities while also having fun.

"It kind of gives them that avenue that they may not have running out there with their friends," Williams lamented. "Most (teens) try to create fun on their own which may leave them trouble, but in here we are trying to generate an environment where they can have fun and feel good about themselves."

Split into small groups, the teens rotated throughout the different areas of the youth center, which are facilitated by CYSS specialists. In the technology classroom, teens constructed robots with the help of computer technology specialist, Luis Camacho. The spring-breakers also had the opportunity to create decorative tee shirts, play Pictionary, and play interactive video games and much more.

Tomorrow, the week will culminate with a Wildlife Jamboree at Holbrook Pond, which will include a petting zoo, games and cookout.

Aeia Buton, a senior at Bradwell Institute said that it is hard to stay home over the breaks from school. "We are bored at the house," she said. Instructing other teens about what to do during their breaks she remarked, "... come to the youth center and have some fun."

To find out more information about Fort Stewart's CYSS programs and hours, interested parents and teens can visit building 7338 or call 912-767-4491.