Army Values: Treat others with dignity

By Maj. Gen. Robert BrownMarch 30, 2011

FORT BENNING, Ga. - In the United States Army and at the Maneuver Center of Excellence, military discipline is founded upon self-discipline and embracing the Army Values.

The Army and the MCoE have been, and continue to be, value-based organizations in which everyone will treat others as they wish to be treated - with dignity and respect. Any conduct, regardless of service or rank, that causes a Soldier or civilian to be exposed to cruelty, abuse, oppression or harm is unacceptable. I expect this command to set the example across our Army. This is important to me and must be important to leaders at every level.

"Army Values" is not merely a phrase for how members of the Army should act. These words are who we are. We embody the seven Army Values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor integrity and personal courage. These values are the standard for behavior, not only in the Army but in any ordered society. Every member of this command - Soldier and civilian - is responsible for living and mentoring others in the Army Values.

Respect begins with the knowledge and understanding that all people possess inherent worth as human beings, even when beliefs and moral convictions differ. Respect for others is treating everyone with consideration, dignity and honor. It is a form of discipline and is demonstrated on a daily basis by deference to the chain of command, mutual respect between senior and subordinate personnel, and fair treatment of all Soldiers at all times.

Today, we find our Army involved in two major conflicts in the Middle East. Our goal at every level is to be prepared when called upon. Each of us possesses special skills and adheres to certain moral and religious values. Only through our commitment to the Army Values, whether at home or deployed, will we have a cohesive and team-oriented Army fully trained, ready and unquestionably committed to act decisively for our nation's welfare.

One force, one fight!

Maj. Gen. Robert Brown

Commanding general

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