YONGSAN GARRISON, South Korea - The 175th Financial Management Center is conducting a survey on the Eagle Cash Stored Value Card in South Korea.

According to 175th FMC Finance Policy Division Chief Maj. Bryant Schumacher, the Eagle Card is a cash management tool that provides Soldiers fee-free access to personal funds.

Schumacher said the card reduces cash handling costs, transaction processing time and the risk of theft.

The Eagle Card provides Soldiers with another way to make payments beyond cash, checks and credit or debit cards, said Schumacher, and point of sale terminals are provided to exchange, commissary, post office and MWR facilities.

Unlike pre-paid gas, gift and phone cards, the Eagle Card uses smart card technology to process "electronic currency" that can run off-line when ATM and credit card lines are out of service.

"The ECSVC system uses kiosks placed in public areas to allow Soldiers to load money onto their cards or unload money back to their accounts," said Schumacher. "If implemented in Korea, a command policy will determine the daily load [deposit] limit to the card via a Soldier's checking account."

The cards, which have already been used by combat troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, are pin-protected and issued with an expiration date that mirrors the user's departure date.

The survey is available at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/XS78JV6