FORT HUACHUCA, Ariz. -- Fort Huachuca's Operational Security team hacked out their competition and took home a big win. The U.S. Army Information Systems Engineering Command, OPSEC, a tenant unit here, won first place in the Army Achievement Award, 2010 OPSEC Awards Multimedia Achievement, print category.

The department created a poster designed to stimulate the development and distribution of OPSEC-related education and awareness materials. The theme is computer hacking. The department came up with the idea and had the poster printed locally. The poster reads, "Don't feed the hackers. Protect your network infrastructure, maintain OPSEC awareness."
The Interagency OPSEC support staff runs the National OPSEC Awards program. Headquarters, Department of the Army sends the Army entries to the IOSS.

"This contest is twofold because we entered the IOSS contest, but we had to go through the Army chain of command ... this was one poster entered into two contests," explained Diana Reyna, USAISEC OPSEC officer.

This was the first time the department has entered the National OPSEC Awards program. The award period is from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30, or each fiscal year.

"USAISEC was extremely happy to win this competition being that we won first place in the Army. Everyone was very proud of our efforts. Myself and Master Sgt. [Jose] Hurtado [Alternate OPSEC officer] put a lot of effort into creating the poster and we take pride in our work. We are very proud that our poster was chosen," said Reyna.

The mission of the National OPSEC Program is to identify, control, and protect unclassified information and evidence associated with U.S. national security programs and activities.
In May, the department will be recognized and receive their award at the 2011 National OPSEC conference in Atlanta, Ga.