CAMP BUEHRING, KUWAIT--Brig. Gen. Lawrence W. Brock III, Commanding General of 335th Signal Command (Theater), focused on upcoming challenges during a site visit to 581st Signal Company's Camp Buehring Technical Control Facility (TCF) in Kuwait.After a briefing with company and battalion leaders, Brock toured the facility with 54th Signal Battalion Soldiers and discussed the challenges ahead. "We talked a little bit about the Iraq drawdown and how that can potentially impact the 54th," he said. "We have to build an infrastructure that supports whatever contingency mission that comes up."The Camp Buehring TCF plays a critical role in maintaining effective communications, providing secure and non-secure voice, data, and video services to military units in Kuwait. As communications hubs are closed across Iraq, Soldiers of the 54th Signal Battalion are expected to support increased communications requirements associated with a responsible withdrawal of U.S. Forces. Brock said the key to successfully managing change is to plan ahead. "We have to look now while we still have the resources and the manpower to be able to anticipate needs and then build for those needs," he said.Lt. Col. Duane Green, 54th Signal Battalion Commander, agreed with Brock. "I do not foresee a negative impact on the 54th Signal Battalion so long as we receive the customers' requirements in a timely fashion," Green explained. "This will give the 54th and the 335th Signal Command the necessary flexibility to "build out" the network to support additional requirements." Managing change is nothing new for 54th Signal Battalion, which recently commemorated 20 years in Southwest Asia. "It's changed dramatically over the past 10 years and once again over the last five years--and it's very possible that it could do it again over the next three or four years. Right now is the transition time," Brock said."The 54th "VOICE OF THE DESERT" Signal Battalion has provided quality communications support to U.S. and coalition forces in SWA for 20 consecutive years," Green said. "We will respond to this challenge with the same vigor, tenacity, and commitment as we have in the past. Bottom line--no Warfighter left behind!"