VICENZA, Italy - Brig. Gen. James D. Owens Jr. has been selected and assigned to U.S. Army Africa as a Deputy Commanding General. With this assignment, approved by Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey in February, Owens replaces Maj. Gen. David S. Elmo, who has been re-assigned to U.S. Army Europe.

Owens joins Brig. Gen. Isaac Osborne, who has been a member of the U.S. Army Africa leadership team since January 2010, as one of two USARAF deputy commanders. Both Owens and Osborne serve as deputies to Maj. Gen. David R. Hogg, commander, U.S. Army Africa.

"The potential for progress across the African continent has never been greater, nor as challenging," Hogg said. "With nearly 20 years experience as an engineer officer, Brig. Gen. Owens brings a powerful perspective as we collaborate with our African partners and their infrastructure needs," he said.

Owens takes the reigns as USARAF Deputy Commander following a year as the Deputy Commander, Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa.

A ceremony marking this occasion has not yet been announced.