The Program Executive Officer for Ammunition (PEO-Ammo), Brig. Gen. Jonathan A. Maddux, visited Tooele Army Depot on February 24 and saw many of the demilitarization operations performed at TEAD.
Joining the general on his visit to TEAD was the Deputy Product Manager for Demil, Carl Roller.
Purpose of the visit was for Maddux to get familiar with TEAD's mission and capabilities. Discussions with TEAD management was held on current demil process operations and future plans.
"I am very glad I got this opportunity to visit the installation and to see what you all do and see how the Product Manager's can help out with various demil programs" said Maddux. "I'm very interested in the demil capabilities and to see how we can work together to do more with less."
During Maddux's tour he observed R3 (Resource, Recovery and Recycle) operations which included: the Super Pull Apart Machine (SPAM), where 20mm rounds were being disassembled; the Deactivation Furnace; and the Hydrolysis operations where Cartridge Actuated Devices/Propellant Actuated Devices (CAD/PAD) were being processed.
Maddux was also given the opportunity to see the Pilot Model Shop facility where Ammunition Peculiar Equipment (APE) was on display. He was given an Ammunition Equipment and Manufacturing Directorate mission briefing, explaining the cycle of APE. It was explained that the Pilot Model Shop is the hub for all APE maintenance and formed the basis for the Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence (CITE) designation in 2010.
This was Maddux's first visit to TEAD since being appointed as PEO-Ammo, on February 19, 2010. In this role, he leads the mission to develop and procure conventional and leap-ahead munitions to increase combat power for the Warfighter. In addition to his role as PEO-Ammo, Maddux also serves as the senior mission commander at Picatinny Arsenal.