SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii - The community watch program will return soon to Oahu-North housing communities.

The community watch program was one of the items announced at the Oahu-North town hall meeting, here, March 1.

The program is being brought back due to a recommendation made at the recent U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii Army Family Action Plan Conference, said Chris Graves, deputy director, Directorate of Emergency Services. Neighbors are encouraged to watch out for each other and to report suspicious activity under the community watch program.

Graves said that while a police officer will be assigned to Oahu-North and should be onboard in about three weeks, "this program won't be successful unless we have community involvement. So, we are asking the communities to help."

Graves also announced that "assaults and domestics" decreased in January compared to December, but that property crime slightly increased. He asked the audience to be vigilant about securing property. Unsecured property is a crime of opportunity.

Using the example of vehicle break-ins, Graves said that when a suspect was apprehended recently, the suspect indicated that if a vehicle was locked, he wouldn't touch it.

"But if it wasn't locked, he indicated that he 'went to it and took whatever he could get his hands on,'" Graves said, "... predominantly it's the unsecured property. We ask you to make sure your property is secure."

Updates on other community issues were also presented. Briefers for their respective areas included Tom Adams, director, Property Management, Island Palms Community; Carol Killian, supervisory program analyst for strategic planning, Plans, Analysis and Integration Office; Tamsin Keone, School Support Services; and Col. Joseph Bird, commander, Schofield Barracks Health Clinic.

Condensed town hall briefs and updates follow:

Island Palm Communities housing

--Residents in Kalakaua, Kaena, Porter, Moyer, Aloala (Phase I) and Wili Wili will receive their first live bill in August 2011. Renovated or non-renovated homes won't receive live bills until all homes have been renovated to the same standard.

---Visit, or call the IPC Leasing Office and the North Region Office at (877) 487-4323. To contact the South Region office, call (888) 939-3346. For energy audits, call (800) 569-3014 or visit

Plans, Analysis and Integration Office

---Customers can rate USAG-HI services by submitting Interactive Customer Evaluation comments at Overall satisfaction was 85 percent for January, the same percentage in October-December 2010.

School Support Services

---Active duty families who are homeschooled or are in public, private or charter schools, and their children, ages 10-18, are asked to complete the online Pacific Command Longitudinal Study survey at Students who fill out the survey can win prizes.

Schofield Barracks Health Clinic

---After a clinic visit, customers may receive an Army Provider Level Satisfaction Survey in the mail from the Army Surgeon General asking about the care and service received. Currently, there is a 5-percent return rate; positive comments can lead to additional funding for the clinic.

Community Resources

---Access the March 1 briefing at; click on "Post Information," then "Town Halls."

---Attend the upcoming town hall meeting for the Oahu-South community at 6:30 p.m., March 16, Hale Ikena, Fort Shafter, and tune into the live TV2 town hall, May 18.

---Report suspicious activity on post by calling the Schofield Police Station at 655-7114; for off-post, call 911.

---Send anonymous crimes tips regarding military-related crimes to The Schofield Barracks police station monitors these crime tips 24/7.