FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas -- Fort Sam Houston Elementary students celebrated National Dental Health Month Feb. 24 with well-planned, hands-on, and engaging lessons provided by U.S. Army Dental Command.

Students learned first-hand how to properly care for teeth and gums, heard songs with catchy lyrics about caring for teeth and eating properly, watched skits, and experienced demonstrations used to teach good dental hygiene.

One facet also addressed proper nutrition necessary to promote healthy teeth and gums and preserve tooth enamel.

Kindergarten students squealed and giggled at the antics of the DENTAC performers as they sang a dental rendition to a remix of Walk It Out.

"The funniest part of the presentation was brushing the giant teeth and tongue," said Tom Fullmer.

"I liked the skit the best with the three perfect lady teeth avoiding the rotten tooth guy," added Malana Yankton.

Fifth-grader Kailee Gibson said, "I learned that sugar is really bad because when sugar combines with saliva it turns into acid and destroys the enamel on my teeth."

"Yeah," added Riley Cho. "Most important is that if you drink a soda every day you will take in 61.1 pounds of sugar and that's 5,915 sugar cubes."

"Margaret Nunez and her team are the backbone of this wonderful partnership," said Tonya Hyde, elementary principal.

"They encourage students to put healthy practices into action through engaging and fun activities."

Each year children and teachers look forward to this special time of teaching and learning. Each child received a bag filled with toothbrush, dental floss, dental care sticker, and a special pencil.