As Army Community Services transforms to better serve Soldiers, their Families and Civilians, its logo is also in the process of getting a makeover.

The change on the proposed logo from "Army Community Service" to "Army Community Services" is intentional since ACS provides much more than a single service. Since ACS functions as an integral part of the Installation Management Community, the new ACS logo incorporates key features of the IMC logo.

The new slogan "Where you need us - When you need us" on the bottom half of the logo emphasizes the decentralization of locations and the 24/7 service in conjunction with Army One Source and Military One Source, or AOS and MOS, respectively, making it easier for customers from all components of the Army Family, active, National Guard and Reserve to find the services that best fit their needs. In addition, the lowercase "i" reflects the International Standards Organization symbol for information. The blue color and circular shape are ISO recommended sign standards.