CSM Corner
Garrison Command Sergeant Major
Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem

As Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem continue on their path toward BRAC, a number of positions will empty as personnel either move on to other assignments or retire.

As a result, Soldiers and other select personnel will be called upon to help backfill these positions through closure.

While these personnel moves will require an adjustment by everyone involved, I expect all Soldiers and Civilian employees to maintain their high level of professionalism and to fulfill any new assignment to the best of their abilities.

As part of the Army Family, we are all used to situations in which mission objectives change and multiple responsibilities must be borne.

Such situations require a winning mindset to succeed - flexibility, intelligence, focus and belief in the mission.

In the case of our installations, this will require us to keep a flexible attitude in regards to changing dates and times, to be intelligent with the plans we create to deal with these changes, to be focused enough to power through to the finish, and to have belief that we will complete the overall mission of closing the installations.

I am confident of the abilities of everyone working throughout Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem to achieve this successful mindset.

Indeed, I am confident that we are already operating under such a winning atmosphere.

Additionally, I want everyone to know that the U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) leadership - myself included - stands ready to do its part toward maintaining a winning attitude.

We will support and provide guidance to all personnel and sections as these transitions take place. We will work to make sure employee morale stays high, and that customer satisfaction remains high, as well.

We will ensure everyone has the necessary material resources available to complete his or her particular mission.

As always, USAG leadership will be open to listen to and address any concerns or suggestions that are appropriate to the mission.

USAG is also completely committed to 100 percent placement, not only for those leaving now, but for those who will serve until the installations' gates close, as well. We will not leave anyone behind.

The welfare of our military and Civilian employees, and that of their Families, remains a top priority.

While perfection may not be achievable, it is still a goal that I challenge every member of our Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem community to strive for.

The months ahead are going to be exciting and, undoubtedly, emotional for us all. However, no matter what the mission, we owe it to ourselves, our Families and the people we serve to do our duty with professionalism and honor.

When all of us involved in the final moments of Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem's history look back, we should all be able to say that we did the best we could, when we could.