What is it'

MilSuite is a collection of online tools that promote workforce collaboration and secure information-sharing behind the Department of Defense firewall. These secure capabilities include milWiki, a living military encyclopedia editable by the experts who know their subjects best; milBook, a professional networking tool providing communities of practice; milBlog, the place to share and comment on internal news and events; and milTube, a video-sharing platform for the military workforce.

What has the Army done'

MilSuite connects people and knowledge to increase awareness of military efforts, programs, products, teams, policies and more. MilSuite builds on the popular Web 2.0 model of community content and participation. With more than 140,000 users across the Department of Defense, milSuite helps the workforce overcome the geographic and organizational divisions of the military community.

U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) has used milWiki to promote online collaboration of Army field manuals. Allowing the knowledge and experiences of Soldiers conducting operations to be rapidly incorporated into doctrine increases the currency, accuracy and relevance of doctrine as a whole. Seven field manuals were updated during a pilot effort, showing the power of milSuite to streamline a process while tapping a broader knowledge base. The effort was recognized by the White House as an Open Government Initiative in 2010.

The Army's community of users has leveraged milBook to share lessons-learned and best practices on enterprise-wide technologies; and to bring hundreds of individuals into communities of practice centered on chaplaincy, medicine, tactical communications and more.

What efforts does the Army plan to continue in the future'

<a href="" target="_blank"> MilSuite </a> recently moved to a new location and expanded access to more Common Access Card (CAC) holders as part of the milSuite Enterprise Edition release. This change is expected to broaden the user community and facilitate joint knowledge sharing by bringing more members of the Navy, Marines and Air Force into what until now has been mostly an Army environment.

Why is this important to the Army'

Today's Soldiers, Army civilians and support contractors are accustomed to social media applications like Facebook™ and Wikipedia™ as well as media sharing sites like Flickr™ and YouTube™. Future leaders are commenting on blogs, editing wikis, making connections in social networks, and communicating with others on a global scale. MilSuite incorporates the same technology and features as public social media sites, but provides a secure, professional alternative for the military workforce to connect and collaborate in support of mission success.


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