ALEXANDRIA, Va. (Feb. 18, 2011) -- The U.S. Army's Warrior Transition Command has announced the selection of wounded-warrior athletes who will represent the Army at the 2011 Warrior Games, May 16-21, at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, or in Colorado Springs, Colo.

The second annual Warrior Games will feature 200 wounded, ill, and injured servicemembers from all branches of the U.S. armed forces. The athletes will compete in several sports including shooting, swimming, archery, track and field, cycling, sitting volleyball, and wheelchair basketball.

The Warrior Games are a joint effort between the U.S. Olympic Committee, or USOC, and the Department of Defense.

"Working with the USOC team for the benefit of our Army athletes is truly inspiring," said Brig. Gen. Darryl Williams, WTC commanding general. "Warrior Games 2010 was an overwhelming success for athletes, families and spectators. I am excited for the opportunity our Army team will have to compete and win at the USOC National Training Center in May. I am confident that the memories our athletes will make will be carried with them for a lifetime."

The concept for Warrior Games was conceived in 2009 with inspiration from former WTC Commander Brig. Gen. Gary Cheek, along with USOC, United Services Organization and Ride 2 Recovery, with the goal of empowering wounded warriors to use adaptive sport to accelerate the healing and rehabilitation process.

"Warrior Games has proven to be a galvanizing effort that has helped Warrior Transition Unit Soldiers and AW2 Veterans get excited and motivated about participating and competing in sport," said Master Sgt. James Shiver, Warrior Transition Command non-commissioned officer-in-charge of adaptive sports.

"Physical activity has been proven to be important in mental and physical well-being; and, if we can help facilitate Soldiers getting off the couch and away from video games and other sedentary activities, everyone will benefit."

The Army team consists of active and reserve-component Soldiers stationed in commands around the world, as well as Army Wounded Warrior Program, or AW2 Soldiers and veterans:

Staff Sgt. Ammala Louangketh ERMC/Schweinfurt
Sgt. Paul Butcher, ERMC/Vilseck
Staff Sgt. Curtis Winston, NRMC/Belvoir
Capt. Ivan Castro, NRMC/Bragg
Spc. Andy Kingsley, NRMC/Bragg
Sgt. 1st Class Justin Minyard, NRMC/Bragg
Staff Sgt. Christian Hughes, NRMC/Drum
Staff Sgt. Kory Irish, NRMC/Drum
Sgt. Daniel Lopez, NRMC/Eustis
Sgt. Erin Bell, NRMC/Knox
Staff Sgt. Peter Torruella, NRMC/Meade
Spc. Yuying Uoal-Daniel, NRMC/Meade
Sgt. Jessie White, NRMC/Meade
Maj. Bruce Gannaway, NRMC/PNT
Spc. Eric Braman NRMC/WRAMC
Sgt. Kenneth Harker, NRMC/WRAMC
Staff Sgt. Robert Laux, NRMC/WRAMC
Spc. Evan Marcy, NRMC/WRAMC
Cpl. Fabian Martinez, NRMC/WRAMC
Staff Sgt. Stefanie Mason, NRMC/WRAMC
Sgt. Seyward McKinney, NRMC/WRAMC
Cpl. Trampus Miller, NRMC/WRAMC
Spc. David Oliver, NRMC/WRAMC
Sgt. Simone Davis, PRMC/TAMC
Sgt. Kimmer Horsen, PRMC/TAMC
Staff Sgt. Douglas Moore, PRMC/TAMC
Spc. Jose Alfaro, SRMC/BAMC
Master Sgt. Rhoden Galloway, SRMC/BAMC
Staff Sgt. Calvin Gomez, SRMC/BAMC
Capt. Juan Guerrero, SRMC/BAMC
Sgt. Delvin Maston, SRMC/BAMC
Sgt. Giovonttie McLemore, SRMC/BAMC
Staff Sgt. Paul Roberts, SRMC/BAMC
Cpl. Quintariou, SRMC/Benning
Spc. Peter Danielson, SRMC/Benning
Sgt. Mathew Harvey, SRMC/Benning
Spc. Robert Nuss, SRMC/Benning
Spc. LaCrisha Wheeler, SRMC/Benning
Sgt. Ilija Zafiroski, SRMC/Benning
Sgt. James Arnold, SRMC/Campbell
Staff Sgt. Joseph Lowery, SRMC/Campbell
1st Lt. Elizabeth Merwin, SRMC/Campbell
Spc. Jasmine Perry, SRMC/Campbell
Sgt. 1st Class Landon Ranker, SRMC/Campbell
Staff Sgt. Marcia Morris-Rober, SRMC/Gordon
Sgt. Ruben Pedro SRMC/Gordon
Spc. Damion Peyton, SRMC/Gordon
Staff Sgt. Michael Strong, SRMC/Gordon
Spc. Mike Boquist, SRMC/Hood
Sgt. Christopher Ford, SRMC/Hood
Sgt. Robbie Gaupp, SRMC/Hood
Spc. Mark Gilmore, SRMC/Hood
Staff Sgt. Kenny Griffith, SRMC/Hood
Sgt. Angel Herrera, SRMC/Hood
Pfc. Richard Lunzer, SRMC/Hood
Spc. Galen Ryan, SRMC/Hood
Sgt. 1st Class Benjamin Trescott, SRMC/Jackson
Spc. Ronald Phillips, SRMC/Sill
Spc. Stuart Lancaster SRMC/Stewart
Spc. Zachariah Smith, SRMC/Stewart
Sgt. Travis Akin, Veteran
Maj. William Biondolillo, Veteran
Staff Sgt. Alfredo Delossantos, Veteran
Spc. Dominique Haynes, Veteran
Sgt. Kinga Kiss-Johnson, Veteran
Sgt. 1st Class Sammy Lugo, Veteran
Spc. Randall McMinn, Veteran
Master Sgt. Shawn Mello, Veteran
Staff Sgt. Martin Patterson, Veteran
Spc. Anthony Pone, Veteran
Cpl. Perry Price, Veteran
Sgt. David Regan, Veteran
Spc. Craig Smith, Veteran
Spc. Juan Soto, Veteran
Sgt. Benjamin Thomas, Veteran
Sgt. Margaux Vair, Veteran
Pfc. Joshua Bullis, WRMC/Balboa
Sgt. Erin Schaefer, WRMC/Balboa
Sgt. Matthew Sullivan, WRMC/Balboa
Spc. Brittany Cosom, WRMC/Bliss
Pfc. Latoya McClain, WRMC/Bliss
Sgt. Christopher Helton, WRMC/Carson
Sgt. Gavin Sibayan, WRMC/Carson
Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Livesay, WRMC/Carson
Sgt. Kelli Bernard WRMC/JBLM
Sgt. Daniel Biskey, WRMC/JBLM
Sgt. Ramon Branchcomb, WRMC/JBLM
Spc. Michael Grover, WRMC/JBLM
Sgt. Lester Perez, WRMC/JBLM
Spc. Matthew Shreeve, WRMC/JBLM