SEOUL - During his graduation address at Seoul Cyber University Feb. 19, the Eighth Army commanding general encouraged the graduates to be information age leaders.

"I challenge you to make the most of the opportunities your education will provide," said Eighth Army Commanding General Lt. Gen. John D. Johnson. "Use what you know to make your community, country and world a better place to live."

In a strong showing of alliance solidarity, Johnson attended the graduation ceremony with 7th Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Jeffrey A. Remington and 2nd Infantry Division Commanding General Maj. Gen. Michael Tucker.

The 8th Army commanding general told the graduates about the sweeping changes taking in the Republic of Korea-United States Alliance - from the consolidation of American forces to two enduring hubs to the transition of wartime operational control in 2015 to the normalization of tours.

"We are doing all of this together while maintaining our ability to deter aggression against Korea or to fight and win, if necessary," said Johnson.

Johnson credited institutions like Seoul Cyber University with enabling Korea's meteoric rise from the ashes of the Korean War.

"The Republic of Korea has thrived and excelled because of the tenacity, intelligence and creativity of its people ... just like you standing here today," said Johnson, "and I call myself lucky to be a part of this great country's history."