FORT LEE, Virginia -- Things are heating up for the 8th Army representatives at the Department of the Army Best Warrior Competition in Fort Lee, Va.

The competition kicked off Monday when the 8th Army representatives, Sgt. Nicholas Johnson and Staff Sgt. Victor Trinidad faced questions from Command Sergeant Majors representing 11 major Army commands and Sergeant Major of the Army Kenneth O. Preston.

This did not seem to unduly intimidate the 8th Army competitors.

"I think I did well on the board," said Trinidad, the Eighth U.S. Army's NCO of the Year. "The most shocking part is when the door opens and this time the distance between the door and where the board members sit is really far. I think they are really paying attention as soon as you walk into the door."

Johnson, 8th Army's Soldier of the Year representative, said that the DA board was the same to him as the 8th Army Best Warrior Competition.

"I was not nervous because this board was the same as the one from the 8th Army competition. I studied the same material, and I am confident in my knowledge."

Trinidad added a new twist to how he prepared for the DA board. Trinidad's unit, the 8th Army Band, helped him prepare for the board in a unique way. Whenever members of Trinidad's unit would encounter him during the duty day in Yongsan, Korea, they would ask him board questions.

Trinidad said he is looking forward to the Land Navigation portion of the course which begins Wednesday.

Wednesday promises to be a challenging day. Wednesday begins with an APFT and then rolls into Urban Warfare Orienteering where competitors are expected to navigate from one point to another in simulated combat conditions during the day and night.