CHIPYONG-NI, South Korea - South Korean and American Soldiers who serve inside the Korean Demilitarized Zone visted four battle sites Feb. 15 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Korean War battle took place here.

United Nations Command Security Battalion Soldiers visited the battle sites at the Chipyong-ni Memorial, George Company Hill, Ramsburg Bowl and the Task Force Crombez area of operations,

JSA Soldiers prepared briefs on what happened at each location. Following their briefs, Eighth Army Historian Ron Miller filled in the details and painted a vivid picture of the battles that happened tduring hose cold February days.

UNCSB-JSA Commander Lt. Col. Edward Taylor ended the visit by encouraging the service members present to stay courageous and focused, as they also serve in a strategic location like Chipyong-ni.

The staff ride concluded with a moment of silence for the fallen Soldiers.