The Program Executive Office Command, Control Communications-Tactical's (PEO C3T's) new Web site embodies the organization's commitment to enhance Warfighter effectiveness as it develops the networked battle command solutions of the present and future.

The newly launched site's homepage welcomes visitors with bold new colors and content centered on PEO C3T's mission: to develop, field and support networked battle command solutions for the Soldiers of today and tomorrow. "The goal was to make the site cleaner and more user friendly," said Joseph Magrino, PEO C3T's Web production manager and graphics team lead. "Our audience wants information as quickly as possible and we satisfy that with simple navigation, an easy search tool and a consistent layout across each of our organization's programs."

Based on extensive research with Knowledge Management representatives from all PEO C3T
Project Management Offices, the new site offers:

Aca,!Ac improved content provided by staff from each PEO C3T Project Management Office
Aca,!Ac interactive displays using RSS news feeds and other social media sources like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr
Aca,!Ac high-powered search engine and more intuitive navigation

Among the features on the Web site's homepage, "Publications" provides direct access to recent material such as the Annual Report to Stakeholders and the yearly Portfolio. This moves the Army even closer to a paperless work environment, as it will cut back on the printing of these publications.

"Who We Are" illustrates the role of each PEO C3T sub organization in the Army. The "History of Excellence" tab displays the numerous PEO C3T awards, including the 2010 David Packard Award, while the "Lines of Effort" reflects how PEO C3T intends to complete its mission.

"Organizations" provides basic knowledge of PEO C3T Project Management Offices. This includes each organization's mission and description, leadership biographies, recently published material, their latest news, a brief portfolio of each Project Offices' programs and systems and a list of their capabilities.

"Press and Media" displays PEO C3T's Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr feeds which provide direct access to the organizations' latest news, announcements, accomplishments and photos. With an increasing number of individuals retrieving their news via social networking, this site provides the ability to check all of PEO C3T's social media outlets at one time, without logging into separate pages. It also includes articles and press releases related to PEO C3T.

With over 50,000 visitors to its current site each year, the new site aims to extend the knowledge of PEO C3T's programs to the Department of Defense community. New features will be added in the coming months. The site can be found at: