FORWARD OPERATING BASE SPIN BOLDAK, Afghanistan - Border relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan may have improved due to a trilateral discussion held recently at the Joint Border Coordination Center on Forward Operating Base Spin Boldak.

The meeting brought representatives from the Pakistan Army, Afghan National Security Forces and the International Security Assistance Force officials together to develop relationships and establish security along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

One of the topics discussed was a road-expansion plan to decrease incidents that take place when military convoys travel on the road leading to Pakistan. Another topic was combating terrorist activity along the frontier with Pakistan.

"If anything bad happens in Pakistan, it is like it happens to us," said Afghan Border Police Brig. Gen. Abdul Razziq to the multinational representatives. "Whoever is your enemy is our enemy."

Razziq said cooperation and information sharing between ANSF and ISAF is vital for improving relationships along the border. Pakistan and Afghanistan need transparent information flow between them to effectively halt insurgent activities.

Pakistani Army Brig. Gen. Asad Shahzada, Pishin Scouts and Frontier Corps zone commander said the meeting proved to be beneficial to all parties in attendance.

"I wasn't aware that the ABP were so eager to share intelligence," said Shahzada. "That is news to us, it is a very good meeting; it benefits us all in every possible way."

U.S. Army Col. Robert Waltemeyer, JBCC director, said the Afghanistan-Pakistan security-zone needs improvement and that will happen with enhanced coordination through liaison training and intelligence sharing.

The ANA liaison, Col. Abdul Habib, 205th Corps operations chief, spoke about the benefits of the trilateral collaboration. The representatives do not meet often, so the gathering was a rare chance to improve relationships face-to-face.

"Together, we are one people; a line separates us, but we are one nation," Habib said of the two nations. "Our army and border patrol, with the grace of God, are very proud that the combined effort has made the enemy run away."

The next meeting is scheduled to take place in the upcoming months.