Property Accountability

By G-4 for STAND-TO!February 6, 2011

Property Accountability

What is it'

Ten years at war, while undergoing the largest organizational change since WWII, unprecedented modernization efforts (Soldier self-protection, technology enhancements and weapon system lethality) and rapid fieldings to satisfy unique operational requirements have made property accountability more critical than ever before.

What is the Army doing'

The U.S. Army has established a Property Accountability Task Force to comprehensively examine all aspects of accounting for the property entrusted to our care, through the execution of the Army's Property Accountability Campaign.

This Campaign integrates inventories, excess turn-in programs, and compliance inspections in order to improve asset visibility and supply discipline, and adapt property accountability policies and processes to support an ARFORGEN Army. The Campaign mandates all commands report progress on property recovery, redistribution, and excess turn-ins for all standard and non-standard equipment.

Commanders are directed to reinvigorate Command Supply Discipline Programs (CSDP) and report on inspection and training initiatives to reestablish a culture of command supply discipline at every level. Efforts are underway to improve property accountability training in all Officer and Non-Commissioned Officer Career Courses. This, coupled with training and mentoring at the unit level, will help improve property accountability awareness and discipline.

What does the Army have planned for the future'

As the Army does its part to bear the nation's economic burdens, accounting for equipment, supplies and material will become increasingly critical. One means to reinforce strict accountability is through the reestablishment of an enduring CSDP. To ensure program effectiveness, Army will utilize the Army Audit Agency and the Department of the Army Inspector General to check progress and verify program compliance. It will also re-energize the CSDP to coordinate and leverage as many assets as practical to assist commanders in meeting their CSDP requirements, and will incentivize command performance and progress by integrating CSDP inspection results into the CSA Supply Excellence Award in 2012, as well as publishing articles on good innovative ideas and programs in the Army G-4 monthly property accountability newsletter.

Why is this important to the Army'

Our nation demands a lot out of our military and expects us to be good stewards and exercise due diligence with the property entrusted in our care. The Army's leadership is committed to ensuring our Soldiers have the right equipment in the right quantities to fight and win. Accurate and precise accountability of our equipment, supplies and material is paramount to ensuring success. Property accountability is the responsibility of everyone, and as professionals, it is our duty to ensure we are good stewards of the equipment and supplies entrusted in our care by the American taxpayer.


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