Reach, Throw, Row, Don't Go!

By U.S. Army Corps of EngineersFebruary 4, 2011

What if...

Someone you were with fell out of a boat without their life jacket'

Would you know what to do'

You can follow these four basics steps to help: reach, throw, row and go.

1. REACH: Hold on to the dock or your boat and reach your hand, a boat oar, a fishing pole, or whatever you have nearby, to the person

2. THROW: If you can't reach far enough, toss things that float for the person to grab

3. ROW: If you're in a boat, use the oars to move the boat closer to the person in the water, or call out to a nearby boat for help. Don't use the boat's motor close to a person in the water, they could be injured by the propeller

4. DON'T GO: Don't go into the water unless you are trained. Call out for help

Remember, even a strong swimmer can drown trying to help others. If all else fails, go for help!