FORT BENNING, Ga. - Members of the Fort Benning community submitted 126 issues to last week's Army Family Action Plan Conference.

Many of these were Interactive Customer Evaluation comments that were forwarded to the appropriate agencies; the remaining 59 issues were discussed in the work groups at the conference, said Stacie Boyer, AFAP program manager.

Sixty delegates, including spouses, retirees, officers, enlisted personnel and DoD civilians, divided into five work groups at the conference. They dealt with issues ranging from housing and child care to recycling and dental coverage, Boyer said.

"AFAP provides a forum for people to voice their concerns to Army leadership and make recommendations for change," she said. "Approximately 90 percent of issues remain local. However, some are applicable beyond the local level and are forwarded to mid-level conferences (or on) to the Department of the Army headquarters AFAP conference."

Submitted and resolved issues have a made a difference in the past, said Boyer, who cites the BOSS program, Family Readiness Support Associations, paternity leave and, most recently, the Huddle House, which originated as an AFAP issue five years ago.

All the issues are divided into one of five work groups: medical/dental, employment/education/consumer services, family support/child care, benefits/entitlements/housing/relocation and force support.

Issues that aren't forwarded to TRADOC or FORSCOM stay at Fort Benning and are discussed at the garrison commander's quarterly AFAP Steering Committee meetings.

Even though the 2011 fiscal conference is over, the opportunity to offer feedback isn't, Boyer said.

"Anyone can submit an issue through AFAP anytime throughout the year," she said. "If it is a local issue that can be resolved through ICE, it is forwarded to that agency for resolution and awareness."

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