Opportunities are available for Army captains and majors to strengthen their leadership and organization development through the Eisenhower Leader Development Program.

By exercising the Enhanced Graduate School Program option, officers may enroll in the 12-month ACS/EGSP program which culminates in a Master of Arts from Columbia University in social-organizational psychology. The ELDP is jointly administered between the U.S. Military Academy and the Teachers College at Columbia University.

"The Eisenhower Leader Development Program provides officers a great opportunity to gain expertise in leader and organization development, thus preparing them for future leadership challenges at the field-grade and flag officer ranks," Col. Patrick Sweeney, ELDP director, said. "During this 12-month dynamic and innovative graduate experience, world-renown faculty provides officers cutting edge knowledge and opportunities for hands-on practical experience."

Officers may reside on West Point or in the local community through basic housing allowance paid at the West Point rate. Class is administered both at the U.S. Military Academy and Teachers College with support provided by through the Department of Behavioral Sciences for information technology, administrative and transportation requirements. During class attendance, officers will adhere to the ACS standard operating procedures, so civilian attire will be worn during class attendance. For additional information about the course work, go to http://www.army.mil/-news/2010/06/03/40243-west-point-tactical-officers-serve-to-strengthen-corps-of-cadets/index.html.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will receive a follow-on assignment as determined by their controlling branch.