LTC Hattie Hayes-Cushenberry, a psychiatric nurse with the 113th Medical Company (Combat Stress Control), speaks to Soldiers at Camp Liberty, Iraq. Her class emphasizes the importance of a positive outlook in stressful situations.

The combat stress control team offers Soldiers everything from a three-day restoration program to individual classes and one-on-one counseling to help with the strains of being deployed.

"This program offers Soldiers a chance to regroup and restore pride to carry on their duties," said Hayes-Cushenberry.

"Some Soldiers can work through problems by themselves, but for those who may not be able to, we are here for them," said SFC Christopher Gonzales, a psychiatric specialist.

Individual classes range from positive thinking and anger management, to death and bereavement and maintaining military bearing in stressful situations.

From the September 2007 Mercury, an Army Medical Department publication.