ROCK ISLAND, Ill. - Army Sustainment Command took operational control of the Directorates of Logistics in Korea and Japan on Jan. 1.

This transition is the first step in a process that will transfer the DOLs, including personnel and resources, from the Installation Management Command to the Army Materiel Command, set to take place Oct. 1. AMC has delegated responsibility for the management of the DOLs to ASC.

"Since the realignment we have had an in-process review and will continue to have them bi-weekly," said James E. Pierce, Jr., chief of the operations division, 403rd Army Field Support Brigade. "We will use this as our departure point, but we all must realize that today is the beginning of not even a crawl stage, but just getting up on our knees and hands to begin the crawl process."

Recently, ASC's DOL enterprise transformation team visited Japan and Korea in preparation for the realignment from IMCOM to ASC. The team presented a briefing explaining ASC's mission set and how the DOL realignment fits within the Materiel Enterprise to leverage all supply, maintenance and support services by merging expertise and capabilities.

"The operational control period allows time for ASC to develop policies, procedures and standards for assuming complete control of the DOLs," said Col. Dan Reilly, ASC support operations officer.

Operational control of the DOLs in the continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Honduras and Puerto Rico became the responsibility of ASC's Army Field Support Brigades and Battalions Oct. 1, 2010.

Operational control of most overseas DOLs takes place in two phases. The Korea and Japan phase is complete; transfer of operational control for European DOLs is planned for April 1.

"Now is the time to put our heads together as a team to ensure we are ready to 'go live' on Oct. 1," Pierce said.