DAVENPORT, Iowa-Lt. Col. Steven T. Wall of the U.S. Army Sustainment Command was the keynote speaker at the local Composite Civil Air Patrol Squadron dining out on Jan 15.

The main goal of this year's event was to promote "camaraderie and [the] celebration of all the hard work these young people and their parents do for our squadron," said Randy Mester of ASC's Requisitions Management Division, who invited Wall to speak.

Approximately 75 attendees listened as Wall spoke on the subject of what the military has meant to him. He thanked the cadets and parents for their selfless service to the CAP.

"It represents your commitment to your nation, to your unit and your fellow airmen and cadets," Wall said. "It can introduce you into a completely new world, expose you to things you never thought you would do, see or experience. The leadership experiences, learning to be a good follower, the values of loyalty, duty - to yourselves and others, respect for yourself and others" will make you a "better person and better citizen."
"It may not seem like it now, but the skills and knowledge you are gaining will pay off in the future," said Wall.

In closing his speech, Wall encouraged the cadets to "take every chance you have to learn and experience something new in the Civil Air Patrol." Something that Roy Schindler, CAP cadet, reiterated, "I really enjoy the whole experience."

The Davenport CAP squadron, commanded by Maj. Jon Sawyer, is the largest in the state of Iowa. The squadron was founded in 1953 and is located at the Davenport Municipal Airport.

The CAP is the Air Force's official auxiliary and has a long history of success. Its three main missions are aerospace education, teaching the community and its members about aircraft and the aerospace industry, and a cadet program.

The cadet program gives members training in Air Force-style leadership, aerospace topics and emergency services. It provides many opportunities for youth to experience military customs and courtesies while participating in drills and ceremonies. Search and rescue missions are among the CAP's most valuable activities.