CAMP RED CLOUD, South Korea - Military Police have spent the past two weeks tagging abandoned and unregistered bicycles on Warrior Country installations.

The tagging and confiscation program is intended to ensure the installations maintain a tidy appearance and that owners comply with U.S. Forces Korea bicycle registration requirements, said Capt. Tide Gile, operations officer in the Provost Marshal Office at Camp Casey.

Gile said an estimated 165 unregistered and abandoned bicycles were tagged on camps Casey, Hovey and Red Cloud between Jan. 3-5 and the number may approach 200 once the tagging is completed on the remaining installations by Jan. 14.

The military police identify abandoned bicycles as those that are rusted, have flat tires or are otherwise not in proper working condition. Registered bicycles in disrepair were also subject to being tagged and confiscated.

The military police will begin collecting bicycles from their tagged locations the end of February. Owners will then have 60 days from that date to visit the Provost Marshal Office, Bldg. S-2353, at Camp Casey to claim them.

Gile said the PMO is being lenient holding the confiscated bicycles for 60 days.

"A lot of people don't know that they need to register them..." he said. "That will give people an opportunity if they are on leave or whatever to come in and claim and register their bicycles."

To claim a bicycle, the owner must provide the military police with the make and model of the bicycle and the location from which it was confiscated. The owner will then be given a specific number of days to register the bicycle with their respective Pass and Identification Office and return to the 2ID PMO with proof of registration.

To register a bicycle on a Warrior Country installation, the owner must submit USFK Form 33-E, Military Bicycle Registration, to the Pass and ID Office. The owner's information will then be entered into a database and a numbered decal will be issued to permanently affix to the bicycle frame.

When the owner out-processes through the Pass and ID Office, a search of the database will be conducted and the bicycle will be de-registered if the owner is taking it.

Bicycles remaining in the impound lot after the 60-day period will be turned over to the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office for disposal.

For more information about the bicycle cleanup program, contact the PMO at 730-4415/4417.