Is your organization comprised of at least 25% Army civilian employees' Does your organization have a firm focus on educating the Army Civilian Corps workforce so it can better serve the needs of Soldiers and the Army mission' Can you look at the training mission of your organization and confirm that it promotes lifelong learning' Do you want your organization recognized for its hard work and success in supporting the educational pursuits of your Army civilian employees and Army readiness'

If your answer is "yes," consider applying for the Army Management Staff College (AMSC) Excellence (EIE) in Education Award. Applying for the EIE Award is an opportunity for your organization to review its processes, make necessary improvements, and then to have those processes reviewed objectively by educators, human resource experts, and subject matter experts who have interest and knowledge of education and lifelong learning.

The AMSC Excellence in Education Award Criteria is designed to dispel the notion that education is a single event or class and to promote a philosophy that education is a lifelong pursuit that can be influenced and enhanced by the institution or organization. The criteria are built on the premise that senior leaders in every organization are the foundation that creates an agile workforce and holds the organizational family together in harmony. They serve as role models to those they lead, and they empower the workforce through their own application and example of ethical behavior, mentorship, knowledge management, planning, work performance, fair performance reviews, appropriate recognition, developing strong leaders for the future, and lifelong learning.

The keys to sustaining an environment of excellence in education are strategic planning, innovation, technology, and a continuous assessment of customer needs. Striving for excellence in education strengthens our capability and contributes to improving Army Readiness. The size of your organization is not relevant, but rather the procedures and standards that you have established and consistently maintain are vital to your success.

AMSC will, during its Annual Leadership Symposium, recognize one organization for its achievements during the past year in promoting career development and lifelong learning throughout its civilian workforce. AMSC will manage the entire awards process, which includes the award criteria, marketing and public relations, the application process, selection and notification, and the recognition ceremony.

The deadline for submission is January 30, 2011 and will encompass the 2010 calendar year. For more information on the AMSC EIE Award, visit If you have questions, please contact