QARA QOSH, Iraq -- Residents of Qara Qosh, Iraq, enjoyed an afternoon free of worries here recently as Soldiers with 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, assisted Iraqi Security Forces in providing security for the people of the town.

The Soldiers walked through the streets, stopping at the local markets and speaking with the residents to ensure the town was free from harm.

"Our main purpose of this patrol is to assess the security of the town and the attitudes of the town's people," said 2nd Lt. Scott Kuhn, a Company C platoon leader attached to Company B. "While providing security, we are continuing to advise, train and assist the ISF."

The Soldiers sat with shop owners, enjoying customary chai tea, and discussed the businessmen's concerns and needs, while crowds of people and small children gathered around.

"Ideally, the lasting impact will be that eventually this town won't need to rely on heavy security," said Kuhn. "You see kids happy and playful. They're not hiding behind their mother's skirts. They come to us. Adults wave to us and say thank you as we walk through the town. They are well on their way (to a better future)."

The ISF and U.S. Soldiers built relationships with the people while providing security to the citizens of Qara Qosh. Smiles radiated across everyone's faces and the afternoon of shopping and socializing for the residents brought them closer as they worked together to improve the area.

"I feel good about what we're doing here," said Staff Sgt. Antonio Cabrera, an infantry squad leader of Company B. "The kids are the future, and we are helping to get this country to the next level. This is our job. This is what we do."